Radiant Glow

Radiant Glow Botanical Brightening Lotion


The Skin Brightening Lotion is a fast-absorbing moisturizer that penetrates into the skin leaving it soft but with no oily residue. A complex of natural ingredients, including vitamins B and C, work to gradually brighten and illuminate the complexion. Natural fruit extracts, including bearberry and alpha hydroxy acids even out skin tone, minimizing discoloration.

The non-irritating formula, free from toxic chemicals, is suitable for all skin types. Use daily for brighter, younger-looking skin. For best results, prepare the skin by cleansing with our Brightening Cleansing Bar.

  • Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients target and minimize the appearance of blemishes, whether caused by acne, ingrown hairs or insect bites.
  • Carefully selected plant extracts target hyperpigmentation, helping to fade dark spots caused by ageing, sun exposure or hormonal imbalance.
  • Other plant ingredients help to protect the epidermis from the sun’s radiation, accelerating the brightening process for a glowing complexion.
  • Glycolic acid from sugarcane helps to reveal fresh new skin.

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