What is phyto-retinol all about?

You may have heard us talk about bakuchiol in our instagram feed lately. It is basically the natural community's answer to retinol. Bakuchiol is derived from seeds and leaves found on the babchi plant, which grows in Eastern Asia. Research on skin has shown it to have the same benefits as retinol. Here's how:

Antioxidant - preventing free radical damage

Anti-ageing - reducing the appearance of wrinkles

Skin restoring

Brightening dull skin

Smoother skin

Improved skin elasticity

More even skin tone

But wait for it; it doesn't have any of the negative side effects of retinol like irritation, dryness, flaking and photosensitivity - so it can be used in the daytime (sun protection should still be used). The experts say great results can be achieved when used in conjunction with retinol. For those making the transition to natural or with sensitive skin, bakuchiol is a great ingredient to help you achieve your skin glows (see what I did there?) Look out for some phyto-retinol on the website and in-store soon.