My Pregnancy Skincare Experience

As a skincare retailer, I must admit I was worried about my skin when I became pregnant, as I had heard from friends that the hormones can wreak havoc with your skin. And my skin is my business. I want to share my experience, the products I used and the results I achieved in the hope of helping other mamas-to-be out there.

First trimester
The first trimester is fraught with extreme fatigue, odd emotions and general discomfort. I feel this in itself is a recipe for dull looking skin. Needless to say my skin was not its usual glowy self during this period. I attribute it to the general ‘bleh’ feeling I had. I used the following products:
Cleansers - Radiant Glow facial wash, The Skin Apothecary liquid black soap, Indeed Labs powder exfoliator,
Toner - DIY Apple cider vinegar and water mix
Treatment - YouSkin Brightening vitamin c serum (night time), Indeed Labs pepta bright (day time mixed with my moisturiser)
Moisturiser - Radha Beauty rosehip oil
Protection - ZO medical matte sunscreen

Second trimester
Well these 3 months were just amazing for my skin and my overall well-being. My glow truly came through :-) Nothing really changed in my skincare routine except that the sunscreen I had gotten from Dr Uju finished and I began using the body shop skin defence multi-protection essence and 1 other addition. This was Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. Before anyone attacks me, I did my research and during pregnancy you can use salicylic acid as long as it doesn’t exceed 2%. I think I added this product at the beginning of my second trimester to see if I could restore my glow after the depressive first trimester. And boy oh boy did it work. It’s the kind of product that 40 minutes after application you start feeling yourself. I used it every other day. The only downside for me as I hadn’t used BHA in years was the peeling. Certain parts of my face peeled, so I substituted my moisturiser for Shea butter and finished off with sunscreen.

Third trimester
As I entered my final trimester I reduced the BHA exfoliant to twice a week and went back to using rosehip oil as a moisturiser. A few things quickly changed. I heard Psalmuel of The Aesthetic Clinic speak at our store launch demo and he said although 2% BHA can be used during pregnancy, it’s better to avoid acids altogether just to be on the safe side. Sigh. So I decided to stop using my beloved Paula’s choice liquid exfoliant. Secondly I left Nigeria for the UK, where we have been experiencing extreme heat waves. Within a few days of arriving in the U.K., my skin began wreaking havoc with me. I started experiencing irritation and sensitivity around my nose as well as dry patches around my mouth, chin and neck. I was confused! So I removed anything that could be considered harsh from my routine. I was only using the radiant glow facial wash, I stopped the Apple cider vinegar and water toner and started using Garnier micellar water (pink). I went back to shea butter as a moisturiser. Still no change. So I figured my skin needed hydration.
I did the Garnier hydro boost hydrating tissue mask. It felt nice the first night but my dry patches were still there. Then the lovely @ellecadne suggested I try Garnier hydroboost hydrating night Cream. Let’s just say it’s now a holy grail product for me. In a week or 2 my dry patches disappeared and I have no more irritation. My current routine is as follows:

Cleansers - Radiant Glow facial wash, some nights (infrequently) Radiant Glow exfoliating bar
Toner - Garnier micellar water (pink)
Treatment - YouSkin Brightening vitamin c serum (maybe 2 times a week), Garnier tissue mask once every fortnight (ideally should be weekly)
Moisturiser - Radha Beauty rosehip oil mixed with Indeed Labs pepta bright (daytime), Garnier hydro boost hydrating night moisturiser (night time)
Protection - The Body Shop skin defence multi-protection essence

And there you have it. My rollercoaster of a pregnancy skincare journey. Right now I am glowing and loving it. Hopefully things stay this way. I’ll be sure to share my post pregnancy skincare experience and routine once the baby is here. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your pregnancy skincare experiences.