How did I become an OG at lightening dark marks?

I have always had very clear skin, with very few breakouts, and the few I had could be traced to time of the month, laziness in my routine or purging. That is until this summer. I have gone from fighting the occasional spot to fighting them almost back to back. They have largely been on the right side of my face, which is the dominant phone cheek so I thought it might be my phone. But I have also had the odd spot on my left cheek, on my forehead and under my nose. So, I blamed ‘maskne’ briefly and then I settled on gold old stress. Your girl has been stressed over the last few months due to juggling life (work, business and family) and making and implementing business plans. Though most of these things are exciting and super rewarding, the unknown comes with a degree of anxiety and stress.

Let me get on to the reason for my post today. I have written previously here about how I deal with mild and occasional bouts of acne. I can get rid of spots pretty quickly and almost expertly at this point. The process has evolved as I now use the Amoke Skincare Anti-Acne Cleansing Bar in my cleanse step whenever I’m trying to kill spots. It works like magic and for those of you that want it, it should be available for purchase in December 2020. The next step is lightening the dark marks that for me invariably come after a spot. And as a result of these back to back breakouts, I have become an expert at lightening the dark marks too. The key part of this is ensuring you don’t aggravate your spots and follow my steps in the above link. These are the products I use and why

  • Amoke Skincare Lightening Cleansing Bar – contains turmeric to lighten skin tone and honey to deeply moisturise and give a glow
  • Garden of Wisdom Triple Toning Treatment – it has a combination of AHA, BHA and PHAs that help deeply cleanse pores, exfoliate skin and refine skin texture
  • Amoke Skincare Pore Refining Serum – contains Niacinamide and willow bark extract that regulate excess oil build up that contributes to blemishes and large pores, whilst reducing the appearance of skin discolouration
  • Amoke Skincare Even Tone Facial Moisturiser – combines White Mulberry Extract and Licorice Extract to reduce discolouration and dark spots
  • Altruist Sunscreen because all skincare is bants without sunscreen. Yes I said what I said!

My skincare routine is Amoke heavy because I have been on a back to back product testing regimen since July. For this reason, despite breaking out regularly since July, my skin has still looked lush.

Tell me if evening your skin tone is hard or easy after breakouts. What do you use? Have you tried any of the above products?

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